Re: Volunteer required

>    We are looking for a volunteer that sits down with the GNOME
> desktop and makes comments on what is wrong, what features are
> required, what seems awkward, what you would like to see, what is bad
> implemented and so on.
>    We need the volunteer to be able to compile GNOME out from the CVS
> tree, so that he can check continously progress.  It would be
> excellent if he could keep up a web page with a list of those
> comments so that developers can check the page and fix them.
>    If you are interested and have the time, this would be an excellent
> way of helping the project.

I am willing to do that. I can not seemes to find time to participate
in the development, but I fiddle with GNOME and KDE on at least 4

In fact, I have one comment/proposal already. The configuration,
session information and desktop should be stored on per DISPLAY basis.
That is not done in both KDE and GNOME. I wrote script that solves
that problem for Desktop directory in KDE. It is a hack -- it creates
Desktop as a softlink to one of the named desktops (configuration is
still the same, and you should avoid logging in on two computers at
the same time). The proper way would have been to replace single
desktop directory by a tree like:

             HOST      DISPLAY

         |           |-:0
         |           |-term:0
         |           |-herzberg:0
         |           |-:0
         |           |-:0

 Actually almost all the configuration should be different for
 different (HOST,DISPLAY) pair. Only preferences, like
 keyb.accel. should be universal.


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