Re: Netscape 5.0

> Netscape has made the source to Netscape 5.0 (at least I think that was
> the version number listed) available to the public.  I know netscape
> uses motif (big and slow).
> Is anyone currently planning on porting Netscape from motif to gtk?  And
> maybe even making netscape into a gnome app - or at least making it
> somewhat compatible (drag-n-drop?).  Oh - and fix all the nasty bugs
> while your at it too.  I don't know motif or gtk - so I'm not
> volunteering.

Someone is porting Mozilla to gtk.   There is even a screenshot
on (at least a few days ago when I saw it).  There
is also a newsgroup at about gtk ports.

> cya ..
> Evan Langlois
> aka WolfStone

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