Re: A few problems, and a fix...

./configure does not find guile on my system because it
tries to link with the real QT instead of the "threads"
qt.  (I'm running KDE.)  I made a soft link from the
threads libqt.a to libgqt.a, and I edit when necessary
the configure files by changing "-lqt" to "-lgqt".  It's
a pain.

Greg Lee,,

On Fri, 10 Jul 1998, James Michael Mastros wrote:

> 4) The standard macros don't find guile, even though it
>    there: guile --version claims version 1.2.  I just checked, and
>    guile-build is non-existant, and RH5.1's guile RPM dosn't have it -- so
>    we probably can't rely on it.  I'll fetch GNU's guile tarball...

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