Re: Icelandic translation of GNOME

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> > I've created an is.po file for an Icelandic translation of
> > gnome-core. Whom should I send it to so it can be included
> > in the GNOME distribution?
> > 
> > Is there someone in charge of coordinating the internationalization
> > of GNOME?
> Please mail it to:  Also make sure you contact the GNU
> team working for the Icelandic translation so that you do not
> duplicate effort.

Do the teams know the existence of gnome-*.pot files?

I am a member of the Korean translation team.  When a *.pot file needs
to be translated, members receive a mail like this:

Subject: New PO file for `fileutils-3.16p'
From: Korean GNU/LI List <>

But I have not received any mail about gnome-*.  And I could not find
gnome-*.pot files in the translation FTP, .

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