I'd like to get gstripchart (the program formerly known as chart)
added to the Gnome CVS tree.  

My old chart program was a Gtk-based program for plotting time-variant
parameters such as CPU utilization or network traffic volume.  The new
gstripchart program provides this same functionality in a new
Gnome-compliant package by using the appropriate Gnome library
routines for application creation, menus, help files, and

I've packaged this up to drop cleanly into a gstripchart directory
within the gnome-utils directory in the gnome-0.20 release.  There's
also a patch file with the trivial changes required to add gstripchart
to the and files in gnome-utils.  The package
can be found at:

Miguel, please let me know if there's anything further that I should
do to get this included in the main Gnome distribution.

-- John Kodis.

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