Re: Clearing out session list

Moin moin,

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Alonso Soto Jacome <> writes:

    Martin> Humm, you are probably right, since the problem happens
    Martin> only with non-sesion aware appilcations.  Gnome apps
    Martin> behave just right and I wouldn't mind starting other apps
    Martin> from my xsession script, so your solucion may work well
    Martin> for me.  When should I kill the smproxy program?  Right
    Martin> after starting the session?  Before finishing it?

Just kill smproxy while running you session.  It doesn't matter if it
at the beginning or the end of a session.

But be warned: no non session management awars application will ever
be restarted (at least until you start smproxy again).

Tschuess, Carsten

Carsten Schaar                         email:

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