Re: Few questions wrote:
> If I launch the pager applet, what's it supposed to look like? I don't
> see it on my panel.
On my panel it looks like four small boxes, with 1,2,3,4 in them.  It's used
for switching between the four screens in icewm.  I'm using the CVS version

> I also have that persisting gnome-session problem. The gnome session
> even retains applications which I opened at one time but never used
> (and closed before leaving).
Yeah, wierd that, I sometimes get that happening to me too.

> How am I supposed to configure the PPP applet? I'm guessing vi/emacs
> but I was wondering if there was something I was missing.
One of the PPP applets assumes that you want to turn on ppp with pppon and
off with pppoff. On Debian this is pon and poff respectively, I don't know if
there is some automagic config parameter we can use here.

> One feature I like from tkgoodstuff (for those who know about it) is that when
> you start an application from on of the buttons, the program doesn't allow you
> to start a second one. Something like this (configurable per app, of course)
> would ne useful. So you can't accidentally start two copies of you mail
> program or of Netscape or...
I believe that this was an idea for gnome sometime.  At the very least it was
discussed WRT the gnome-help application.

  - Craig

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