Few questions


I'm running gnome 0.20. I've a few questions:

If I launch the pager applet, what's it supposed to look like? I don't
see it on my panel.

I also have that persisting gnome-session problem. The gnome session
even retains applications which I opened at one time but never used
(and closed before leaving).

How am I supposed to configure the PPP applet? I'm guessing vi/emacs
but I was wondering if there was something I was missing.

One feature I like from tkgoodstuff (for those who know about it) is that when
you start an application from on of the buttons, the program doesn't allow you
to start a second one. Something like this (configurable per app, of course)
would ne useful. So you can't accidentally start two copies of you mail
program or of Netscape or...


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