Re: CVS panel workign for anybody?

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Greg lee wrote:
> But I don't want to checkout all the modules.  I just want to
> know what's there.  My request stands -- it can't be much
> effort.  Just ls and email to this list.

I missed your original mail, but if you want to know what's in CVS
checkout the CVSROOT module and read the file modules. Which contains:

# You can encode a module within a module by using the special '&'
# character to interpose another module into the current module.  This
# can be useful for creating a module that consists of many directories
# spread out over the entire source repository.

macros  gnome-common/macros
intl    gnome-common/intl 
support gnome-common/support

gnome-libs gnome-libs &macros &intl &support
gnome-core gnome-core &macros &intl
gnome-admin gnome-admin &macros &intl
gnome-games gnome-games &macros &intl
gnome-graphics gnome-graphics &macros &intl
gnome-guile gnome-guile &macros &intl
gnome-media gnome-media &macros &intl
gnome-network gnome-network &macros &intl
gnome-objc gnome-objc &macros &intl
gnome-utils gnome-utils &macros &intl
gnome-pilot gnome-pilot &macros &intl
balsa balsa &macros &intl
aorta aorta &macros 
gwp gwp &macros &intl
mc mc &macros &intl &support
mico mico
gsirc gsirc &macros
atech atech &macros &intl &support
libgtop libgtop &macros &intl &support
grpm grpm &macros &intl
guile-gtk gnome-guile/guile-gtk
gnome-gfdisk gnome-gfdisk &macros &intl
ORBit ORBit &libIDL
libIDL libIDL
gnumeric gnumeric &macros &intl &support

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