Re: Windows gadgets

Stuart Hunter wrote:

> OK, call me shallow, but what turned me on to Gnome was the site of that
> first screenshot on the site - the one with the fancy window
> gadgets.

Check out the upper left corner of that screenshot. There, in a very small
it says : enlightement.

> So, I have installed Gnone now - it's working fine, what about those window
> gadgets, anyone know where I can get  'em?

Well, considering what i said earlier, you'll probably  have to install
enlightenment to get those fancy windows.
You can find enlightenment on

Once i get A gnome version installed, i'll go and see home to get those
fancy windows :-)

I'm running KDE beta 4 ( right now. Version 1 almost there.
Enlightenment is currently being rewritten :-)



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