Re: Gimp and Gnome

On Sun, Jul 05, 1998 at 07:10:04PM -0700, Stephen Carville wrote:
> I recently installed the Gnome 0.20 Desktop from the rpms for RH 5.1. 
> This seems to have broken the gimp (0.99.28).  It always returned an
> unresolved error.  Well, no one expects beta software to behave well so
> I rebuilt the gimp from source.  It will run now but it can only see the
> XCF format.  As near as I can tell I have all the necessary libraries
> but gimp doesn't seem to know this.
> Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Upgrade your gimp to 1.0 . The version you have is based on an older gtk 
that is not compatible with the latest stable version. 

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