Scroll bars.

Please, dont doom yet another interface with the same old stupid
scrollbars used in almost ever GUI out there.

They are inneficent and inconvient!

Normally scroll bars are placed on the right side, with little up and down
arrows on the top and bottom...

This is silly.. The mouse is more often on the left (it's where the menus
are and where text starts).. Also, going down then back up requires alot
of mouse movement..

It would be MUCH more sane to place them on the left and put the up and
down (and perhaps a page up and down) button all togeather on the top or

I've tried chatting with someone with KDE a long time back... But he was
close minded.. Saying that it was too diffent from other GUIs

GNOME is diffent from windows, if you are going to make something
differnt, then do it right.. If people are goning to have to relearn
anything then it wont be alot to ask for them to get used to the differnt
scroll bars..

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