Re: Games (faking scores and things btw)

iso-8859-1?Q?Horacio_J=2E_Pe=F1a writes:
 > Having worked in session-management support for same-gnome i'm facing
 > a pretty problem. It's the same problem all saved games have. The users
 > can edit them. So anyone can have 100,000 points (5 times the best score
 > possible...) or more very easily...
 > What can we do? I think that we've four options:
 > 1. Ignore the issue. But if we ignore it why take the effort of checking that
 > the program that wants writing into the score-log is a real gnome program?

Source is available for modification; therefore the program cannot be
trusted; therefore the database cannot be trusted.  Don't worry about it.

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