Re: imlib now under automake/autoconf

    >> Over raster's dead body I have put imlib under
    >> automake/autoconf.

    Maciej> This works a lot better for me than the old config
    Maciej> stuff. Two suggestions:

    Maciej> 1) Could the stuff that automake --add-missing adds be
    Maciej> checked into CVS so the --add-missing is not necessary?
    Maciej> This would be more consistent with the other Gnome stuff
    Maciej> in CVS.

Changwoo has already answered this one.  There are two automake+CVS
interaction philosophies: (1) (which Tom endorses) check it all in, so
you have the full contents of the .tar.gz file in the CVS repository.
(2) (which we are using in GNOME) don't put *any* generated file under
CVS control.

I think that (1) is better for tighly-knit projects without anonymous
access (since everyone can have the exact same versions of automake,
libtool, autoconf etc...), but (2) is better for GNOME because it is
such a distributed project.

    Maciej> 2) Is there any chance of adding libtool support as well,
    Maciej> so shared libraries can be built?

I have just committed those fixes!  Let me know if it works for you.

My next goal is to try it out on non-linux machines :-)

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