Re: Gnome-hello and dev's doc

>  	But, after having a full GNOME-complaint app we need yet explain
>  other things interestings, by example DnD or gnome-stock. How should it be
>  done?

I like the idea of having some sort of "testgnome" program in a
similar way to "testgtk".  It should use the interesting stuff from
gnome-libs in a more or less canonical way so that people can use it
as a reference.  I guess this would be a combination of gnome-hello,
stock-demo, etc.

I'll try to make a short document describing how to use colors,
visuals and images in Gnome (using GdkColorContext and GdkImlib).
Color allocation and similar hairy stuff from X seems to be a FAQ in
the Gtk list, so it seems like documentation is in order.


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