Re: Just my 0.02$ on sound and stuff...

> Re: Fredrik's idea about a networked/multiclient audio system.


I think this is a really good idea.  Reasons/ideas:

For example, you're playing a game of Maelstrom while you render something
or do some other time consuming task.  When the program finishes, it would
be cool if it could interrupt the game audio (or mix in with the game
audio even) to play a "your task is finished" type of sound.  

Rather than looking at sounds as being like XPixmaps, you could look at
them as being like fonts (ala soundfounts).  Not only could you simply 
play a sound (mix it into the output stream), the server could scale the
sound or do pitch shifts, or other operations (filters perhaps?), all 
by uploading the sound just once.  

Why not make it an X extension?  Would that make it easier for the 
linux as an X-terminal people?  


Brendan Dowling

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