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Date: Thursday, 12 February 1998 9:28 am
Subject: RE: Shortcuts ??

I don't have a Mac.  What is this folder halfway down thing?


I don't either but having used one.....

imagine this is your cascaded tree

menu  _Pictures_______Fantasy
           |                              |_Photos
           |                              |_Clipart__picture1.gif
           |                                              |_picture2.gif
           |                                              |_...............
           |                       |_...

and so on.
Ok in windoze95 you could only select the ends of the tree ie picture1.gif
On the Mac you could select say the clip art folder and it would open the
...../pictures/Clipart. It is like a shortcut to the filemanager in that you
don't have
to open say explorer change and change to the directory you are looking for.
This is very useful if you have a directory in which you often want to
multiple files but slao often you often just want to select a single file
and not
open the fm.

Mark Eaton
ICQ 1779385

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