Gnome CVS split finished.

Hello guys,

   Federico and I spent the whole day setting up automake/autoconf for
the new module layout on the CVS tree.  Developers should be able to
continue work now.

   For a minimal developer setup, you only need the new gnome-libs
module and start coding from this.  I hope this will encourage more
people to start hacking gnome applications. 

   To compile Gnome, you need to install minimally gnome-libs.
Everything else is optional, the other two bits that you might want to
install are:

   gnome-guile:	if installed enables gnome scheme applications to run.
   gnome-objc:  if installed enabled gnome obj-c applications to run.
   The rest of the packages use the above libraries.

   The new framework looks like this: gnome-libs and gnome-objc are
the only package that provide libraries to be linked with.  Both of
those package generate a configuration file in $prefix/lib/*.sh that
details what librareis are required to link with each part (look at
the files to see what is there).

   So, the other gnome-packages instead of testing for X, gtk, and
gnome, they just load the compilation options from those files [1],
this makes the configure scripts easier to deal with.

   Now, as usual, if you are using the CVS repository (the only way
to get those packages right now), you have to run the file
(located in each package) with any arguments that you want to pass to
configure, for example, on my system I use:

	gnome-thingie$ ./ --prefix=/da/share/gnome-install

   Now, the new scheme for addon-packages is wonderful and great
except for a little buglet that I have not been able to track down how
to make CFLAGS and LDFLAGS automagically pick up the gnome-libs
install path (ie, as you can see, I dont usr /usr/local) from the file.  If someone can look into this, I will appreciate
it a lot, as I have always ripped my hair off today doing this split.

   Each module includes a copy of macros and intl.  Those are kind of
"virtual" directories and are shared in the CVS repository between all
the modules (I am starting to believe that should have gone
inside macros to avoid duplicating it all over the place). 

   The available modules are:


   I am going to sleep, please fell free to commit any fixes you want
to the cvs tree. 

best wishes and good night,

[1] you can specify the location with the --with-gnome,
--with-gnome-libs, --with-gnome-includes options if you choose to
install Gnome in a special place.

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