Todd Graham Lewis wrote:
> The first, rather inconsequential version of the FAQ can be found at:
> I'm not done with it yet, but comments are welcome regardless.

It should emphasize the multilingual nature of GNOME. A GNOME
application can be written in any language including C, C++, objective
C, perl, guile, ... Sometimes I got the feeling that GNOME, or some of
GNOME people hate C++, It should be clarified.  It seems to me that many
C++ programmer prefer writing for KDE to GNOME because they have not got
the idea that GNOME is C++ friendly too. Think of many newcomer of our
software industry, who learn C++ instead C in the university and school.

It is ok to say that the kernel of GNOME will be written in C, because
it is easier to wrapp C (than C++) with other scripting language. (I
don't know if it is true, can anyone give me a hint?).

The position of Guile needs to be clarified too. It should be the
default extension language. but not the default scripting language. And
it will be embedded in an application only when the application needs to
be extended later like emacs or excel. And with the other interpeters
(CTax?) builded upon Guile user of an application can choose the
language he likes, just like what SIAG now offered.

There should be no default scripting language.

I'm new to GNOME, so please correct me when I have said something wrong.

Cheng-Chang Wu

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