Re: Is DPS a first-level component of GNOME?

On Thu, 05 Feb, 1998 at 07:29:28PM -0500, Todd Graham Lewis set free these words:
> Right now I see the three first-level components of GNOME as being:
> 	* CORBA
> 	* GTK
> 	* Guile
> and I have given a section of the FAQ to each of these.  The question
> now is, does Display PostScript count as a first-level component of the
> GNOME universe?  This is more of a metaphysical question than anything
> else.
My last message went to Todd privately instead of the list, but maybe that's
just as well.

My new thought is:
maybe some Widgets should be implemented on top of the GtkDPS widget?

For instance, the GtkTextArea Widget is not yet complete.  Would it make
sense to implement this using DPS?  That would definitely make it a
"first-level" component....

-Toshio <>
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