Re: Patches?

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998, Marc J. Fraioli wrote:
> > > Is it appropriate to post patches to this list?  If so, will the
> > > appropriate people see them and pick them up?  If not, is there a
> > > better place to send them?  I'm building gnome on Data General DG/UX,
> > > and working through a few portability issues, which I'd like to send

> > Post them here, I will catch them

> Thanks Miguel, here's one.  Not all "grep"s have a '-q' option.
> Getting the Gnu version is certainly possible, but there doesn't
> seem to be any reason to force a dependency where there doesn't
> have to be one.

I fixed a bunch of these a while ago, looks like I missed a few.  :)
Solaris doesn't have '/usr/bin/grep -q' either.

If you see an with "pushd" and "popd" references, squash those
too.  That is a bash dependency.


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