libgnomeui/gnome-stock.c dies a horrible death.


Ive been trying (to no success) to build the latest gnome-libs package,
first as the gnome-libs-0.99.0 tarball and after that, checking out
the gnome-libs package from the gnome cvs.

All goes well on the start (I have all of the dependency packages
installed and configured and working),
So when I started building gnome-libs, It gets to the libgnomeui
directory, and spits about 50 or more lines of errors on 
gnome-stock.c. I dont know the reason, It might be some incompatibility
with Imlib from CVS (Ive checked out and build Imlib 2 days ago),

The errors appear from line 703 to line 847, which are all
a part of a structure:


struct _default_entries_data entries_data[] = {
(...Image data in here...)
structure definition ends at line 849).

The errors I get vary, but they are all related to this:

gnome-stock.c:703: `imlib_new' undeclared here (not in a function)
gnome-stock.c:703: initializer element for `entries_data[0].rgb_data' is
not constant
gnome-stock.c:847: `imlib_text_strikeout' undeclared here (not in a
gnome-stock.c:847: initializer element for `entries_data[143].rgb_data'
is not constant
gmake: *** [gnome-stock.lo] Error 1

I get this with ever CVS checkout/SNAP I try to build including the 
gnome-0.99 release I try to build.

what could this be related to?

The system is FreeBSD-3.0-CURRENT, Used to build and use GNOME back
on the 0.30 days, a couple of months ago.

Hope this helps,


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