gtk / gtk-engines questions. (several of them, actually)

I've been working on modifying the "metal" theme lately.  (I really meant to
get the original authors blessing before I put much work into it... I'll
have to get around to that.)

Anyways, it's raised all sorts of questions.

Firstly, the thumb part of scroll bars don't get refreshed with the
GTK_STATE_ACTIVE when they get a mouse down message.  (I'm using such
M$-windows-centric terms here, sorry, that's just what I know best at the

The same holds true for track bars.  Is this by design or is it just
something that's not been done yet?

Also, with radio buttons and check boxes, when the draw_check function is
called, the GTK_STATE_ACTIVE seems to be set when the box is checked.  It
doesn't indicate whether or not the mouse is down in the control.  That'd be
necessary to precisely emulate windows and the java-metal look and feel.

Right now to get scroll bars exactly right, down to the pixel they would
need a x and y thickness of zero.  Menu's would need one, but I'd have to
put some special handling in for the top menu in a list.  Buttons look
stupid on some forms with anything less than two... so my question is : is
there a way to specify this on a per control basis?  Right now I'm
overriding it globally in the "map_gtkrcstyle_to_gtkstyle" (or something
like that) function in theme_main.c.  (Again, whatever it's called.)  I'm
guessing that's a hack with some unwanted side effects.

Also, I would like to be able to have things like minimum sizes for scroll
bars to be configurable by the engine.  I don't see a way to do that.

Will we ever be able to draw the "button" area (again, microsoft calls it
that) in tree controls?  I mean the box with a plus or minus sign to the
left of nodes with children.  The metal uses symbols that more like radio
buttons in there.

One other thing.  Windows sets the step value on scroll bars to the same as
the height of their items so you never see half items.  (Like what gnumeric
does)  Any chance we could do that with gtk, or at least make it a
configurable option?

This is getting long, I swear I'm almost done.

Edit boxes seem to always show their selected text even when they don't have
focus.  Maybe it's my windows background but I find that can be confusing
because it might make you think they have focus when they don't.

Windows has edit boxes select all their text when they get focus with
anything other than a mouse click.  I've become very used to that.  (Except
for the URL box in IE4, which always does it.)


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