Re: gnome-libs and stock PNG images...

jrista> I am having trouble creating gnome-stock-imlib.h in libgnomeui/pixmaps from a tarball (0.99.0). I examined the makefile, and the following lines dont execurt when i run make:
jrista> for i in $(stock_images); do \
jrista>   vn='echo $$i | sed -e 's,stock_\(.*\)\.png,imlib_\1,''; \
jrista>   $(CONVERTRGB) -n -v=$$vn -a=gnome-stock-imlib.h $(srcdir)/$$i; \
jrista> done
jrista> This pints out on the screen (variables expaned of course), but nothing happenes. When make gets a little farther on to a file that requires gnome-stock-imlib.h, it prints a very long error list and quits. I dont understand why these lines will not execute. I appreciate any help.
jrista> Jon Rista

It is because HAVE_LIBPNG doesn't defined in your gnome-libs/config.h .
(See the file.)
So, gnome-libs/tools/convertrgb bypass the codes to recognize the png format.

The solution is,

- Append '#define HAVE_LIBPNG 1' to config.h after ./
- and rebuild gnome-libs/tools/convertrgb

Yukihiro Nakai

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