Re: Balsa .... kinda .

Todd Lewis wrote:
: On Wed, 16 Dec 1998, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
: > 
: > I do think the SMTP option makes a lot of sense for Windows systems
: > that usually lack the correct mail tools to send mail.  But most Unix
: > systems on use today have a proper mail setup, and all free Unix
: > distributions ship with an internet ready mail setup.
: The assumption that remote SMTP servers will accept delivery from you if
: you are dialed into a well-known modem pool is not one which you want to
: place a lot of bets on.  The spam problem is placing increasing pressure
: to force people through well-known local SMTP gateways, especially for
: dial pools.  FYI.

Additionally, any host on dialup or otherwise unreliable connection
wants to gateway thru a reliable mail server for the same reason
Windows hosts do: in a temporary failure the mail server will queue
your mail and keep trying to deliver it. True you can define a smart
host in or whatever, but having it in the mail agent is
more intuitive to many people and WAY easier. Also your provider may
be doing envelope masquerading or other funk and they will want you to
gateway thru them. 

Ratatosk aka TkRat has both options in the config panel. TkRat is a
_very_ feature complete program to draw from, it's just Tk ugly.

       - A

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