Re: File selection dialog changes

Erik Andersen wrote:
> As a pointer -- do I just need to change gtk+/gtk/gtkfilesel.c, or
> do you know of any other stuff that needs to be done?  As far as I know,
> gnome-libs/libgnomeui/gnome-file-entry.c seems to be doing something
> else entirely, right?

You are right.  :)  But far more caution needs to be exercised when
adding to Gtk+.  Unless it's a warning fix or something, you probably
should post a patch to as well as, to see if anyone has comments.

Your ideas sound really good, but (as you pointed out) there isn't
a GNOME-specific, independent file browse dialog.  Implementing all that
functionality (CORBA bindings, etc.) would need to go into GNOME, not
Gtk+.  It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to add drag-n-drop support to
gtkfilesel, if it doesn't have it already.

Then there's the freeze, and this sounds like a big change to filesel
dialogs everywhere... :)


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