Re: Spaces in file and directory names.

14-Dec-98 06:08 you wrote:

>> The directory hierarchy that is visible in the file manager
>> application has several directories with spaces in them: My Documents,
>> My Sounds and Spread Sheets.  Considering that spaces in filenames may
>> be chief in a range of silly ideas that have come out of MicroSoft I
>> would hope that the gnome project would not follow this lead.

> Spaces on filenames is a user thing.

> Unix has used spaces in the names for a long long time.  Any  shell
> with completion supports that.

Of course mc is not shell but there are completion and it's HORRIBLE broken
for files with spaces (I have a lot of files with spaces on my Window
Partition:-) :-(( For internal mc coummand you should use filename "as is"
without quotes or \ while for external command you should use quotes, etc...

Even if mc is not part of gnome (gmc is :-) it's still not good IMO ...

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