Re: problem starting GNOME -- ORB problem???

On Sun, 13 Dec 1998, David & Kathleen Seidel wrote:
> I've built GNOME from scratch from CVS (vintage this afternoon), and
> I can't get it running.  I'm using .xinitrc, using
> 	panel &
> 	background-properties --init &
> 	screensaver-properties --init &
> 	mouse-properties --init &
> 	exec fvwm2

I'm building gnome from source right now, but when I had it installed from
debian binary packages (i.e. yesterday) my .xinitrc consisted of:

afterstep &
exec gnome-session

I haven't finished builing the latest version yet, perhaps it has
something to do with running the window manager first, before "exec
gnome-session" ?


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