Re: SECURITY: bug in Berkeley DB on some systems (eg. Solaris <= 2.5) [#375]

Sleepycat Software wrote:
> Note, there are serious problems in the Berkeley DB 1.85 version of the
> Berkeley DB software, and I would strongly urge you to upgrade to Berkeley
> DB version 2, available from the Sleepycat Software web site.  Berkeley
> DB version 2 includes a fully compatible API for the 1.85 release, as well
> as utilities to convert your historic databases to the version 2 formats.

I agree strongly here.

I never investigated the reason why 1.85 is required instead of the
current version, but security and speed are two reasons why 2.x of
Berkeley DB should be required, instead of 1.85.

I don't know the exact specifics of licensing, but I know that
Mozilla uses (can use?) DB 2.x, so I know it is freely linkable to
non-commercial software.


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