Speech Recognition


Looking for some OSS speech recognition and hmm library I could integrate to
GNOME next year, I found the following message on the DDLinux Speech
Recognition  List (which is very Town Coucil oriented btw):

dave@recursive.prestel.co.uk said:
// I am a researcher in the field of continuous speech recognition for
// more than 3 years and work on a speech-recognition engine like Dragon
// Systems NaturallySpeaking or ViaVoice for Linux. The system is called
// EasySpeech and has reached the status of a completely working
// researcher application and will soon move towards a user-application.

// I always planned that private usage under Linux will be completely
// free while commercial usage will be non-free. No source code will be
// available, but C/C++ interfaces and code in form of libraries will be
// public.

// I've spoken with one main developer of KDE and we plan to integrate
// the recognition engine step by step into Qt or KDE. First working
// applications might be available soon. A portation to IRIX has been
// already finished, a port to Sun/solaris is on the way to be finished.

// I will indicate progress of applications very soon on my own web
// pages.
// Greets, Stephan
// _______________________________________________________________________
// ________

// Stephan Kanthak Department of Computer Science VI Pattern- and Speech
// Recognition Research RWTH Aachen, Germany """"" e-mail:
// kanthak@i6.informatik.rwth-aachen.de | | http://www.informatik.rwth-aac
// hen.de/I6/Colleagues/kanthak/ O -



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