Announce: Gnome-video-widget


having just bought myself a tv-card I have started working on a gnome
video widget.
The widget opens up a video4linux device and displays images caputered
from the device
as a X11 overlay using the xf86dga extension.
Right now basic functionallity is in place but there is still a lot left
to do.
Eventually I guess this could/should become a gnome widget.

Planned feature list:

  # capturing from any video4linux (later video4linux2) device
  # Displays as overlay or otherwise
  # Single Frame capturing to a file
  # Stream capturing to a file
  # adjusts color, hue, channel frequencies , input norm, etc.
    as supported by the hardware
  # others (missplaced my notes about them)

I have made a first release available at:

There will be more information as things come along.


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