Re: Sound in Gtk

On Wed, Aug 19, 1998 at 10:08:05PM +0200, yiyus wrote:
> This is a proposal for Gtk, I know I should send it to the Gtk list, but I
> am not subscribed and I can't manage more mail. If somebody could fwd it,
> please...
> The first one: wouldn't it be good to have an e-mail to send proposal?
> Something as a wishlist, I know I am not the first person who do this in the
> bad way.
> And my idea: what about have sound support in Gtk? Something to make some
> noise when you press a button or slide an scroll bar, similar to sounds in
> E. I am not a good developer and know very few, but it doesn't look very
> difficult. The problem could be the speed in Gtk if it has to do sound, but
> I don't see any problem with E. And having sound in the Gtk themes would be
> really pretty.
> Ok, here's my proposal. I would like to know something more to do it, but I
> can't. Though if somebody starts with it I can continue if it is routine
> (e.g. doing the same in all the widgets).

if you were going to implement it, you would likely want to :

1) make it 100% compiletime optional
2) make it use esound.
3) make it runtime optional.

enlightenment has all 3 of these things.  I personally don't like having my
computer beeping at me all the time.  but other people like that so....

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