Re: GNOME 0.27 is released said:
> Nelson, your points are good, but I'd like to say that if s/w has a
> 0.28 version number, they should not whine (on
>  that is the understood rule). 

I would argue GNOME is trying to reach users who don't even know what GNU
is, much less what a version number means. 

We have to make it clear and simple for these new users what to grab how
to install it. I've tried to write several things on the web site to
facilitate this. I think we also need the ftp site to make it
excruciatingly clear when something is ok to try, or if its experimental.
We also need the GNOME CVS module maintainers to keep this in mind when
making new releases of their module, so that packagers will know if this
is a experimental release or a general public release.

Dr Mike

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