Re: [Summary] Meta-data/filesystem-encapsulation

> What's we're specifically aiming for is a _per-file_ ability - so I
> can set 'less' as the viewer for .log files, but 'draw_pretty_graph'
> as the viewer for the /var/log/httpd/access.log file, as an example.

The GNOME file manager already does this. 

You would do:

	Open=draw_pretty_graph %f
	View=nxterm -e 'less -f %f'

The "shell" tag means it should use shell-like filname matching, you
can use that or use full regexps our classify by file type (by running
the file command and matching the output of file against a table of
known types).

Agreed, not trivial to find in the menus, but trivial to configure.


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