minor FAQ announcement

OK, I just completely FUBAR'ed klyx and half of my KDE installation on
reflections, my office machine.  This means that I won't be able to work
on the FAQ today, since I'm too busy to fix it.

I've got klyx on my home machine, and so I will finish up version 1 of
the FAQ this weekend.  After that, however, I will begin moving the FAQ
to use DocBook instead of SGMLtools.  I think that it should be pretty
straight forward.

In preparation, I have several questions:

1) Is there a graphical SGML editor which supports DocBook, similar to how
klyx supports SGMLtools (neč LinuxDoc)?  If not, then I'm actuall going to
have to learn the tags, which is not very user-friendly...
2) Is there an SGMLtools to DocBook convertor?  See "drag", above.

Please wish much luck to your feckless yet intrepid FAQ maintainer...

Todd Graham Lewis                                     (800) 719-4664, x2804
******Linux******         MindSpring Enterprises      tlewis@mindspring.net

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