Re: panel error *** ORBit patch ***

On Thu, Aug 13, 1998 at 04:30:24PM -0400, James Michael Mastros wrote:
> > 	- The 'hostname' and/or FQDN retrieved using the above procedure
> > 	  should be valid for the lifetime of a CORBA server (and the
> >	  [objects.)]
> This is the killer -- sometimes the `hostname` will resolve to a remote
> address, and then at a later point you will loose remote connectivity, or
> the address will change.  (This futzes X too, but there you can manualy
> overide it's guess where the server lives.)

With Linux, you can use the "dummy" module to provide a network
interface with the same IP address you'd get when dialed in.

I don't think that would help with dynamic IP addresses, but starting
with IPv6 we won't need those either :-)

People with dynamic addresses are unreachable anyway, so should
configure their machine to not pretend otherwise (that is, `hostname`
should give or an internal-use-only address bound to the dummy

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