> > From the gnome-0.25 release announcement:
> >
> > * Expect a first preview of the GNOME component model to be
> >   available in about a month.
> Wouldn't it be great if the GNOME component model would be something
> compatible to or a port of KOM (and later perhaps OpenParts)?
> This would allow great possibilities of interaction between KDE &
> Gnome in the future. Interoperability is, when you can embed a Gnome
> spreadsheet in KPresenter, or use a KDE spreadsheet object in
> GOffice.
> And it would allow that you have plugins that do for instance wave
> processing, that could be shared between kwave and audiotechque, a
> thing that would in the long run avoid much work.

I can't see why not for technical reasons. It would be a shame if we 
ended up with two different, incompatible object component models on 
the same desktop.

Or is there some _technical_ reason why this would be impractical? 

| Julian Regel: |
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