Re: Memory Issues with gtk, gnome panel, etc

On Wed, 5 Aug 1998, Mark Rae wrote:
> Lots of people wrote stuff accusing gtcd:
> I did a complete recompile of everything from glib upwards from the CVS last
> night, and gtcd seems to be working quite happily. 
> I have no idea whether it is glib/gtk/gtcd that is causing other 
> people's memory problems, but it might be a good idea to get the latest
> versions of everything before hunting for bugs that may not be there
> anymore.

Federico fixed gtcd yesterday after the postings here, so that's why it
works for you now. It was creating a lot of pixmaps (thus making the X
server grow) and never freeing them. There was no problem with gtk, glib,
or the X server, it turns out, just a simple gtcd memory leak (albeit a
really big one).


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