Re: Memory Issues with gtk, gnome panel, etc

It is an X server problem. Start gtcd, and top and sort procvesses by
memory (the 'M' key). After some time you will see that the _X_server_, 
which is not using glib, gdk, gtk grows.

Of course it may be a gdk/gtk/gnome problem, but i'm sure it's an X issue
and glib has nothing to do with X.

I think the problem has something to do with gtcd changing widget
contents v\ery often. I haven't looked into gtcd yet but i think it
has something to do with pixmaps or graphic contexts. I forgot most of 
my X programming knowledge but i think to tackle the problem you have
to find out which resources are server based, not client based. For
example is a graphics context az data structure in the server or in
the client? And then you have to look which of these resources is used 
by gtcd.

Another idea mught be to display the redrawing of the LED
display. Does the problem stop then?

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