Need some help with Radio Tuner App

Hi all,

I'm almost finished with a Gtk+ GUI interface
for radio tuners.  Right now it only supports
the Gemtek PCFM card, cause that's all I have.
I also need to finish implementing preset
stations, but that shouldn't take too much longer.

However, I do need some help with the following:

-What's the best way to add support for multiple

   Compile time or Run Time?
   Compile time makes the tuner simple, as
   if it's compiled for your radio, you just
   run the program and it works.  However, in order
   to support binary releases, radio selection
   needs to be done at run time.

   Perhaps a dialog box that comes up the first
   time the program is run, and after that the
   type of radio can be read from the config file?

   This could be handled internally with callbacks
   for different radio types.

-Obviously I'll need people with other radios to
 work on that part after the best way to support
 multiple radios is worked out.

-I'll need quite a bit of help figuring out how
 to make the program gnome-aware.  I'm running
 the 0.20 RPMS, and I can't even get gnome-standalone
 (The hello world program) to compile.

The documentation needs some serious work.  KDE has
us seriously beat here guys.  I worked with that for
a while, and it was much simpler to create an app
that was integrated.  Autoconf/Makefile stuff in 
particular seems particularly painful with gnome.
I'd really like to be able to work on a gnome
app without having to have the entire gnome source 
tree sitting on my computer, and from looking at
gnome-standalone, it looks like that's the only way
it's going to work right now.

On that note, there isn't much that needs to be done
for this program in terms of gnome stuff.  It doesn't 
have menus, and it doesn't need much fancy stuff.  I'm 
thinking I'll need to make it use the gnome html widget 
for help, and perhaps I can use some of the stock 

I don't have a webpage set up for the radio tuner yet,
cause I wanted to have something worthwhile before
I showed it to anyone else, but I will do so shortly.

So if you've got a radio tuner, and you'd like to work
on this, send me some email.


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