Re: GNOME in the press


I know, this is the worst way to do my entry on the list but ...

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Martin Baulig wrote:
> Some weeks ago, I asked the German magazine ct whether they could report
> about the license problems with Qt and about the GNOME project - but they
> did not yet reply - seems they are not interested.
> So it'll really be time to make some publicity especially here in Germany.
> It's time to tell the people that Qt/KDE is bad and *why* it is. At the
> moment, GNOME is not yet very useful for end users, but GNOME makes great
> steps in development - and it's time to tell the public about that.

This sure will help. I bet many people would throw away linux
altogether just and ONLY because such a lame PR tentative

> These magazines should really start telling more about the spirit of
> GNU/Linux - about the GNU license - and that there are a lot of people
> working hard on making Linux what it is like. People should know that what
> they see is the result of a long and hard work - and that there are still
> people working on it ...

Yes, the KDE developers took it for granted, without any work (at least
that's what I could read if I were to be malicious).

> Martin
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Peace, man!


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