Re: Control-panel

"Smith, Nathan A., Capt." writes:
>I recently got most of GNOME working  and needed to make some changes in my
>system setup.  I tried to run control-panel (from Redhat 5.0) and it didn't
>work (it had before).  I was getting errors pointing towards GNOME and
>Imlib.  I know I am being a bit vague, but the question is does GNOME
>install a new control-panel?  Or does it affect it in any way?

You installed a new gtk+ package with GNOME, and it is not binary-compatible
with the gtk+ that is used by control-panel.

At some point, we will release a control-panel that is compatible with
the new gtk+.

>One other quick question - where is gdk?  I saw the screenshoot on the
>website, but I can't find anything on it. 

gdk is one part of the gtk+ toolkit.


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