Re: gnome-config

> 1. It would be nice to seperate this completely and put the few 
> missing functions in glib.  That way I can use it easily for non-gnome
> applications, and contribute changes easily.

Good idea.  I am going to do add some new routeins to the API to make
it easier to use in some conditions.

> 2. The one global variable, 'gnome_user_dir', makes it difficult to
> package it as a library.  Perhaps it would be worthwhile to put all
> the gnome-config context into a structure, allowing multiple config
> dirs.  I notice that you've already got a syntax for absolute paths,
> ignoring the gnome_user_dir, maybe this would be a cleaner solution.
> In my case, I want a server-configuration which really doesn't belong
> in a user's directory.

yes, this would be automatically handled by the new API functions.


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