Re: gmix...

On Wed, 22 Apr 1998, Jens Christian Restemeier wrote:

> Questions:
> - Are there any icons I can use for the mixer ? I mean something like this:

I'll try to dig into this when I get time.. I'm currently doing general
icons and icons for the Balsa mail reader (hi Pavlov ;) 

> (I have't checked the icons that are already in GNOME, because all GNOME apps
> used to crash on my old installation...)

There is a web-page I try to update when I get new icons done.. url
somewhere downward this mail... (look for gnome-stock)

> - Does anybody want to continue my round-dial widget ? I don't have the time
> to do it, but I'd like to have it for the mixer. (For the source, browse the
> mailing list archives, I haven't touched it since...)

The idea for a dial sounds cool :) Perhaps for Master volume?

> - The checkboxes for lock/mute/record take to much space, currently. It looks
> like this:
> |[#] Lock |
> |[#] Rec. |
> |[#] mute |
> If I can get some small icons (a little larger than the checkbox) I'd like to
> arrange it this way:
> |[L][R][M]|
> What do you think ?

I will think about that... Watch
for updates... My SB16 gives me LOADS of sliders while my GUS gives just a


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