Hi !

Now I have recieved some RH 5.0 disks, and I'm updating my system to the
latest libraries. Hey, this RedHat stuff is cool. Gmix development can

I already changed the look, and added some features. It's a little smaller
now, but there's still much work to do.

- Are there any icons I can use for the mixer ? I mean something like this:
(I have't checked the icons that are already in GNOME, because all GNOME apps
used to crash on my old installation...)
- Do you want a left channel/right channel slider, or a volume / panning
slider ?
- Does anybody want to continue my round-dial widget ? I don't have the time
to do it, but I'd like to have it for the mixer. (For the source, browse the
mailing list archives, I haven't touched it since...)
- The checkboxes for lock/mute/record take to much space, currently. It looks
like this:
|[#] Lock |
|[#] Rec. |
|[#] mute |
If I can get some small icons (a little larger than the checkbox) I'd like to
arrange it this way:
What do you think ?

New features:
- supports more than one /dev/mixer in one window.
- shows the name, OSS gives for a /dev/mixer
- The Quit button is gone, and moved into a menubar, The record buttons are
moved to the channels they control.

			Jens Ch. Restemeier

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