Re: My thoughts on icons and meta-data

Tom Tromey <> writes:

> One thing I'd like to hear is ideas on how we could find a way to come
> to a conclusion here.  Its all too easy for discussions like this to
> cycle endlessly.

I say just leave it up to the people who will be implementing the file
managers (ie. Miguel) to decide how the implementation is to be done.
It's pointless to debate it to death - because in the end, it's up to
the person who writes the code.

If I was doing it, I'd probably just steal the KDE method, and add a
CORBA wrapper around it (with the possibility of adding 'hooks' so the
user could override the mapping using their own scripts).  Of course,
I'm pretty lazy.  :-)

The KDE method might not be best, but it's fairly workable.  In the
future, when more of Gnome is in place, a better, more flexible icon
mapping implementation could be developed.


 - Jim

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