Re: gtiny gitty gbitty glittle gproposal...

On Sat, 25 Apr 1998 wrote:
> note the subject.. note how ridiculous it looks :)

But amusing. That's key.

> this is simply a request that we not name every new gtk app "gsomething".
> it's getting overused and really annoying.

Nah, it doesn't make any difference, because all of them are meant to be
launched from either a desktop link or a menu. If you name them gwhatever
it's easy to remember the name on the rare occasions you type it, just
stick a g on the front. It's going to be especially cool when we get to
apps that were already g to begin with: ggrep, ggdb, ... the possibilities
are endless! Everything can go in /gusr/gbin/. 


Seriously, "gshutdown," etc. works better than obscure acronyms. 
gnome-whatever might be better, though, as it's less ambiguous. 

gHavoc gPennington

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