Re: Icons of program

Il 21-Apr-98, robert havoc pennington ha scritto:
>How does it make it useless if the scheme is optional? You can always fall
>back to the already-existing Unix fs, and gmc will always be happy to
>browse that fs. You can use the scheme of your choice, or combine them in
>several ways. No cause for horror.
>As I said, that's what I would do. I don't want all this .desktop crap in
>my source code trees. I do want it in my LaTeX documents folder.
>A naive user might want it everywhere, but they don't care that it's
>implemented as .desktop files.
There's an easy way to get rid of all these questions.
In normal cases, when there' not an icon file right next to the file, the
desktop looks at mimetype of he file and the shows the right icon taken from a
central place.
If you put a custom icon (file.icon or or whatever you want) right
next to the file the desktop will use the custom icon.
This way you can look and manipulate any normal directory with shell tools,
and this leaves us the choice to use custom icons that should be handled with
the desktop (which in my opinion should take the place of the shell for
everyday use).
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