Re: Icons of program

Il 21-Apr-98, Sergey I. Panov ha scritto:
>I've been watching the "Icons" disuccion with a horror! There no
>  There should be two collections .info ( what in KDE is *.kdelnk )
>files (just as two collections of icons) one e.g. in
>/usr/share/(desktop|(gnome|kde))/apps and another e.g in
>Desktop tree then will have links to those .info files, but also panel
>menu and wm menu will have oppotunity to use them.
That's the winning idea. Icon kept in a central repository and the application
stick them to files looking at mimetypes. But how to stick mimetypes
efficiently to every files, i.e.: how to resolve mimetypes without opening
every file and without looking at extensions (which is BAD thing (tm) windoze
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