Re: Harmony + GNOME (Was: Re: C++)

> > 
> I wouldn't say so :) Raster can be quite productive in this department.

   ^ Using pixmaps :)

> >   We can write Harmony to understand whatever config files are used by the
> > pixmap-based theme, so it's just a matter of duplicating the others
> > (which as a stopgap could be temporarily emulated with pixmap themes in
> How do you emulate Gradient effects with a pixmap, that depend upon the
> size of the button? (Just look at the old screenshot of raster at redhat.)

   We'll use imlib, which does things like stretching images to different
sizes (and a lot of other neato things as well)

> > any case). Duplicating a theme someone else has already written isn't
> > heavy work; it could be done within a week for the basic set of widgets I
> > should think.
> Again the question: Why not use GTK as the basic drawing engine?
> I know it's probably more complicated than to do the lowlevel stuff
> yourself, but you get full GNOME compliance whatever GNOME will turn up
> with for free.

  We did have a discussion along these lines; I ought to write a faq
sometime:) I think we'd prefer the efficiency and ease of writing it from
scratch, and have a few hassles with Gnome integration. Our main aim is to
make KDE GPL; I want to do that /and/ have those KDE apps (and other
Harmony apps written from scratch with Gnome in mind) be as good Gnome
citizens as possible.


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